Board of Directors


udod sergey 214x300 Board of DirectorsUdod Sergei Ivanovich. Chairman of the Board.
Born on November 7, 1959, Tbilisi. President of JSC “Corporation ORELNEFT.” Higher education, Ph.D. in Economics, “Honorary Oilman” since 1999. Experience as Director-General and senior management of oil companies: JSC “MOSNEFTEPRODUKT,” the Moscow Fuel Company (MNK), the Moscow oil companies (MNC), the Central Fuel Company (CTK) and other member of the Board of Directors of JSC “CNIISM” (leading enterprise Russia in the production of designs for rocket and space technology), Chairman of the Board JSC “AEROS”, vice-president of “BORODINO” (united more than 80 companies and industrial enterprises), former Vice President ZAO AKB “NOVIKOMBANK”, etc.


afavrilov 207x300 Board of Directors
Gavrilov Aleksei Pavlovich.
Born August 4, 1969, Kyzyl (Tuva ASSR). General Director of JSC “Corporation ORELNEFT.” Higher education. Experience over 10 years in the structures for quality control of fuels, including state agencies, the State Unitary Enterprise “MOSTRANSKONTROL”, JSC “MOSNEFTEPRODUCT”, etc.




tolkacheva Board of DirectorsTolkacheva Liana Alexandrovna.
Born August 29, 1959, Moscow. Vice-president of corporation “ORELNEFT”.  Two degrees, PhD. Engaged in project management since 1983, the creation and development of organizations since 1995, including for government agencies (Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Health). Introduced Commentaries to the draft law “On Oil and Gas” before the second reading in the State Duma. Experience of joint projects with companies JSC “SHELL OIL”, JSC “MOSNEFTEPRODUCT”, JSC Hotel “RUSSIA”, JSC  “TSNIISM “, JSC “Electrozavod”, JSC NPO “Science “, etc.



velkovskiy Board of Directors
Velkovsky Efim Nicolaevich.
Born September 20, 1938, Bryansk
Higher education. From December 1997 to March 2001, he served as mayor of Eagle. From 2001 to 2009, vice-governor of the Oryol region.





123 Board of Directors
Korolev Nicholay Nikolaevich.
Born December 29, 1956, Orel. Higher education. Chairman of the Oryol Regional Office OG FSO “Youth of Russia.” Honored Worker of Physical Culture of the Russian Federation. Honored coach of the Russian Federation.