High production capacity


121212 300x171 High production capacityConstruction of the refinery in the Orel region, processing 4000 tonnes of oil per year, will not only provide the surrounding areas of petroleum products, thereby reducing budget expenditures for transportation, but also close to world standards of efficiency of a unique natural resource – oil.

Despite the fact that Russia is one of the leading world powers on stocks strategically important minerals – oil, the efficiency of this natural resource in terms of finished product for the domestic needs of the country is extremely low. This is primarily due to the age of existing refineries, manufacturing facilities and technology that greatly outdated, in need of modernization and, therefore, additional investment, and therefore can not fully meet the needs of the population in petroleum products. You should also pay special attention to the depth of crude oil in Russia (71% -72%), which is far from the standards of that of developed countries (90%).