Technology and Innovation


orelneft 710x429 300x181 Technology and InnovationJSC “Corporation ORELNEFT” – the construction project of Russia’s first oil refinery with a refining depth of more than 96.5%. To do this, you want to use the best international practices in the development of new technologies.Production of “petroleum basket” of European quality with high added value and export potential, meet international quality standards Euro 5. To do this, you want to use the best international practices in the development of new technologies.

One of the key performance indicators refinery is the depth of oil refining. So according to the Russian Economic Development Ministry depth of oil refining in Russia in 2010. was 71.2% against 71.9% in 2009, whereas in developed countries the figure is 90%. A significant portion of associated components, such as dissolved gas at Russian refineries can not be ejected.

Energy Ministry proposes to legalize the level of depth of oil refining at Russian enterprises – it should be not less than 89% for more efficient use of natural resources and population needs in petroleum products. The Government’s program to improve the country’s oil refining industry requires that the depth of oil refining up to January 1, 2013 will be at least 83%, and two years later – by January 2015 may – will reach at least 87%. at the same time Energy Ministry proposes to legislate state preferences for those who plan surpassed. Thus, the state will provide benefits, “which provide more favorable conditions of work, by passing state and municipal property, and other objects of civil rights or property through the provision of benefits” for the refinery, in which the depth of oil refining for more than 92%, production of light oil – more than 77% .