Environmental responsibility


123434 300x153 Environmental responsibilityFor refining technologies are used that have proven themselves as the best in the world, that is absolutely harmless to the environment of the Oryol region.

Effect of oil on the ecological situation in Russia.

Production and consumption of petroleum products is one of the key areas of the Russian economy in need of greening. Targeted work in this area will significantly reduce harmful emissions and energy consumption that will benefit the health of Russians, the general state of the environment, and enhance the sustainability of Russia’s economy by increasing the share of products with high added value.

Public policy in the field of oil, until recently, contributed to the orientation of Russian refineries to produce low-quality petroleum products. Because of the specificity of the current nelogooblazheniya most cost-effective (30%) have a simple distillation refinery, which produce low-grade fuel, and the lowest (just over 10%) – plants with complex technical processes of oil refining and petrochemical industries. Note that in the global refining this picture shows exactly the opposite. Fixed rate of export duty on average almost 2 times higher for gasoline than for oil.

As a result, Russian-made diesel uncompetitive in foreign markets vysokoplatezhesposobnyh, and Russia, along with crude oil exports to Europe, mainly diesel and heating oil. In developed markets, Russian oil products are recycled and only after its passage comes within the scope of final consumption.

For the greening of the Russian oil as needed using the tools of regulation and market forces launch greening of final demand. Together, these measures will create the necessary impetus for the necessary investment in upgrading existing and building new, modern refineries in Russia.