slider 2 300x181 EcologyJSC “Corporation ORELNEFT” bases its activities on the basis of compliance with environmental law, public policy in the sphere of socio-economic development of regions, including the formation of regional industrial clusters focused on the downstream processing of raw materials, as well as high-tech industries in priority sectors of the economy, in accordance with the in 2008, a technical regulation “On the requirements for automobile and aviation gasoline, diesel and marine fuels, jet fuel and heating oil”, approved by Government Decision of 27 February 2008; Federal Law № 96-FZ “on the Protection of ambient air.”

Construction of high-tech refinery is beneficial to health of Russians

Production and consumption of petroleum products is one of the key areas of the Russian economy in need of greening. Targeted work in this area will significantly reduce harmful emissions and energy consumption that will benefit the health of Russians, the general state of the environment, and enhance the sustainability of Russia’s economy by increasing the share of products with high added value.

Innovation and high efficiency refinery

Project is unique in its technology and innovation that can handle oil depth of more than 96.5% and to produce high quality petroleum European level. For this purpose the best international practices, which means that in all phases of oil and petroleum products, laid down by European authorities approved technology for supervision of compliance with all standards of environmental and safety applicable to the construction and operation of the refinery

The rational use of natural resources

Oil refining industry in Russia is far behind in its development of industrialized countries. The main problems of the industry are unacceptably low depth of oil processing, and low quality oil products, backward production structure, high degree of depreciation of fixed assets, a high level of energy consumption. Russian oil companies have a low level of conversion of crude oil into more valuable products processing.

That is why the construction of modern oil refinery will actually talk about the rational use of natural resources and energy, because it is a record for Russia, the depth of oil processing – 96.5%.

This is the first refinery in Russia, which displays the petrochemical industry in the country to the next level.