Depositphotos 6420829 XL 300x199 BusinessImplementation of the project construction of a refinery in the Orel region, carried out in accordance with the Order of the Board of the Oryol region № 456-p from 15.12.2008. “On the implementation of the business project to build oil refinery in the Orel region,” assigned to the JSC “Corporation ORELNEFT.”

Planned capacity of the refinery 4 million tons of crude oil per year. The oil will be processed in a closed technological cycle and minimum impact on the environment. Depth of processing 90 – 92%, which will ensure a steady supply of petroleum products “Euro-4″ and “Euro 5″ of the whole region, including Orel and the surrounding area and will create over 10,000 jobs across the chain of service of the refinery and its the infrastructure. The planned refinery input in operation 2016 – 2017 year.

The project is supported by the company’s “DESIGN TECHNOLOGIES” – a leading Russian company implementing projects under the EPC-contractor (engineering, of procurement, construction) in the petroleum and energy industries of Russia and the world.

The planned construction of JSC “Corporation ORELNEFT” refinery will help meet the needs of the people for the consumption of petrochemical products processing (gasoline, kerosene, diesel, fuel oil bitumen, etc.) independently of the Oryol region, and local cities and regions. Such as: Lipetsk region, Tambov region, Kursk, Voronezh region, Tula region, the Bryansk region, Belgorod region.

At the moment, these towns are spending on unnecessary transportation of petroleum products from the regional budget funds, the cost of which may reduce the expense of building a refinery in the Oryol region.

Concurrent with the work of building refineries, JSC “Corporation ORELNEFT” distribution and sales of petroleum products in bulk.