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8d9a32a7 300x201 About UsJSC “Corporation Orelneft” was created with the aim of the project to build a refinery in the Orel region in accordance with the Order of Board of Orel region № 456-p from 15.12.2008, the

Order of the board of the Oryol region № 456-p from 15.12.2008 “On the implementation of a business project to build oil refinery in the Orel region,” supported the initiative of the Governor of Orel region Kozlov AP construction of new industrial facilities in the area and attract additional investment in the Orel region, as part of state policy in the sphere of social and economic development.

President of JSC “Corporation Orelneft” is “Honorary Oilman” Udod Sergei, who for 22 years in the oil refining industry gathered around him a team able to perform a wide range of tasks. Management of JSC “Corporation Orelneft” – in the past, top managers of OAO “Mosnefteprodukt,” the Moscow Fuel Company Moscow Oil Company, Inc. “Universalneft”, OAO “LUKOIL”, etc.

The main advantages of Company

To ensure long-term competitiveness of the company will choose the most modern technological configuration refinery, aimed at production of the “basket of oil products,” European quality with high added value and export potential, satisfying the international standards of quality Euro-5, with the expected depth of oil refining over 96.5% of the maximum and indication of selection of light mineral oil. To do this, you want to use the best international practices in the development of new technologies.