Vladimir Putin instructed to simplify obtaining permits for the construction of oil refineries


Source: www.au92.ru

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, August 26 instructed to prepare a package of bills that will simplify the procedures for obtaining permits for the construction of refineries and petrochemical plants and implement “best technical standards in line with world standards.” Period of preparation of documents – III quarter of 2013, responsible: Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Regional Development, Rostechnadzor.

Oil workers and chemists have long waiting for a simplified system of permits for construction of plants. The basis of the existing legislation in this area was formed in the 50-60s. Reminds CEO “Gazprom Salavat Petrochemical” Damir Shavaleev. The process of construction and commissioning of production facilities is described in more than 4,000 laws and regulations, “not agreed among themselves,” added the representative of “Sibur”.

“We still continue to design the refinery on the old standards, which are essentially not changed for half a century” – said the director of logistics and capital construction “Gazprom oil” Abdullah Karaev in an interview, “Oil & Gas vertical.” For example, the requirement to place objects at a distance of plants from each other lead to the fact that the total area of ​​Russian petrochemical plants are 1.5-2 times higher than their foreign counterparts, indicating a representative of “Sibur”. Nevertheless, rates of accidents and injuries at work in Russia is three times worse than in the West, complained Karaev.

Full compliance with all applicable regulations in Russia, sometimes leads to higher project more than 25%, says a representative of “Sibur”. To reduce construction costs and remain competitive, had to reconcile the specific technical specifications (CTS) – deviations from existing standards, he said.

The new approach requires that the companies will set targets security settings and hard, including financial responsibility for their violation, say company representatives and the Ministry of Energy.

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