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According to rumors, a project to create in the Orel region refinery, which was reported in the media these days – a project of Russian Technologies. And created for the project company Orelneft – this daughter of Russian Technologies. Assets transferred to the corporation when it was created, comprised primarily of manufacturing industries, and although Technologies has a terrific resource for lobbying, they did not get how some major companies from the mining segment. And it was through the proceeds of their activities, Technologies, according to unconfirmed reports, were going to withdraw from the crisis all the rest of its business. And now, supposedly, the original plan was implemented, albeit with some modifications.

According to unconfirmed reports, the project itself was developed on the basis of the former state corporation of its plans, but it contains a fundamental difference. Is it that the corporation itself will not produce oil in any form. It will be her “get” from the pipes that pass through the Oryol Region pipelines. “Mining” a “blended oil” will require much less than the cost of the company, and also bring more money. The project is rumored to have already passed numerous coordination in the federal executive authorities and approved at the highest level. Actually, this explains the speed and its implementation, and the ease with which the operator of the project – the company ORELNEFT, has received many permissions on it.

According to rumors, in addition to many already declared suppliers of equipment for the plant, Technologies going to actively use the power of the enterprises belonging to the corporation. Thus, according to unconfirmed reports, a number of promising technologies and products for the plant can provide a company United Engine Building Corporation, which is part of the Russian Technologies. Finance the project, allegedly, have agreed to state-owned banks. It is unclear how the organized sale of products of the plant. Part of the produced oil can be purchased from companies belonging to the Russian Technologies, but the question of gasoline has not yet been resolved. Not be ruled out that Russian Technologies will create its own network of filling stations in the Orel region and surrounding areas for the sale of fuels and lubricants.

According to rumors, the state corporation is already building a far-reaching plans for this business – if the work of the plant in the Oryol region is successful, will be built a second plant of its kind in the North-West Federal District, using one of the branches of the Baltic Pipeline System.

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